Sunday, June 12, 2005

Post Numero Uno

Welcome to my blog. Does it suck yet? I've been toying with idea of starting one of these here things for a bit now. The reason I decided that now was the time is that my husband Dr. SOB (those are his initials, and only partially reflect any feelings I might have about his mother) and I are trying to start a family. You know, by me getting knocked up, not by purchasing a dog or black market baby. I thought it might be interesting (at least for me) to chronicle this period in my life. Both of our families live about 300 miles away, and depending on which direction I take this blog, I may invite them to read about my pregnancy once it begins.

A bit about me. I am 26 and I live in Philadelphia. I am not a writer, so any grammatical errors I make need not be pointed out. I work as a chemist for a pharmaceutical company and Dr. SOB, as you might have imagined, is a doctor. More accurately, he is a third year anesthesiology resident at a teaching hospital in town. This means he works every mother-loving day and gets paid very little. He’s working right now, in fact. We both grew up on the other side of the Keystone State. If you’ve never been there, let me assure you that it’s called
Pennsyltuckey for a reason. My high school had a rodeo team. Enough said. We’ve lived in Philly since 1998. We have 2 cats, Simon and Tim, who are currently the darlings of my life. Once the offspring arrives, though, they’ll probably be reduced to mobile tripping hazard status. Poor kitties! We both come from large extended families who like to have cage matches occasionally. It’s really quite entertaining!

Dr. SOB and I met in high school. I will now pause for a moment so you can go barf…Feeling better? Good. We’ve been married for 3 magnificent years. I hate to brag, but we’re really quite fond of each other. So we figured that it’s high time we created a small creature on which to lavish some of our attention. I almost ended that sentence with a preposition, but the voice of my 10th grade English teacher just popped into my head and made me fix it. Thanks Mrs. Morris!

I’ll probably be posting a lot over the next few days until the novelty of this thing wears off. Also, I’ll be finding out if I am pregnant soon, so I’m sure all that anxiety will fuel some rambling here. At least I don’t have to worry about drunk posting!

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