Thursday, August 04, 2005

Karma, Thou Art a Bitch

All week I had been toying with the idea of calling out sick tomorrow to expedite the traveling to Pittsburgh for the family reunion. So isn’t it just poetic that today I started developing symptoms that include: 1)low fever 2)chills 3)very snotty head holes and 4)nausea. Fuck. Fuckity fuck fuck fuck.

Snottiness aside, I fear to admit that I am looking forward to this weekend visit with the family. Dr. would mock me intensely if he knew such a thing. His family is mostly into not liking each other, so visits home are not always that exciting, except to see his sisters (Hi Tori!). Also, he thinks my family is a bit queer for their devotion to our annual reunion. Most of the time, I completely agree with him. Why do we need a massive reunion when 98% of the family lives with 30 miles of one another? This year, though, I’m feeling a bit different. I’ll probably change my tune about 3.5 minutes after getting to my parents house, and pull him into a bathroom and beg to be taken back to Philly immediately if not sooner, but for now I am mostly optimistic that this will be a fun weekend. If the family interactions aren’t as satisfying as I hope, there’s always Primanti’s!

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herpen8 said...

i don't know how anyone can stomach the sandwich with the cole slaw and fries inside.


bolton said...

are you freaking kidding me? i'd eat anything with fries on it. i'd totally kick ass at fear factor if i could house those disgusting live spiders with a side of fries.