Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Shiny Red Monkey Bottom

My job has always been something I did to pay the bills, not something I did out of love or passion. I get paid a decent wage, but other companies that perform the same functions as mine tend to pay more money then mine does. This has always been kind of made up for under the table with a great deal of flexibility as far as hours and work load go. Sometimes, I go to work for 7 hours and don't do a damn thing. Every day I go to the gym on my lunch hour, which usually is an hour and a half. Mostly, I don't enjoy my work, but these factors, and the added bonus that my boss is pretty awesome had made me content enough to not seek other employment. Today, my boss quit and a major meeting was called with our VP to discuss the standardization of work hours. Now my job sucks a shiny red monkey ass. And as much as work is going to suck now, I can't really get another job because you don't get the right to maternity leave and such unless you have been with a company for 12 months. So basically, I'm going to ride out the next 22 weeks or so doing as little as possible without getting fired, and then I'm out suckas!

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