Tuesday, October 11, 2005


We finished our baby registry this past weekend! Check it out!

Target Registry
Babies R Us Registry

All in all, it was a pretty fun time. I'm sure there are things we forgot, but we still have 18.5 weeks to figure out what!

I plan to post more later...sorry for the lack of info lately! Last week was really fun but very busy, and this week I seem to have lost my mind. Yesterday I thought my car was stolen from work, but in reality I just parked 1 row over from where I usually park. It was really embarrassing because I was standing there, screaming into my cell phone 'The fucking car is fucking gone' right at shift change, and once the guys got in their cars and drove away, I saw my little Saturn exactly one row over. That's just one of the many 'placenta head' moments I've had lately.

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1 comment:

herpen8 said...

getting old sucks, the first thing to go is the memory...at least your car was one row over in a parking lot instead of on the other side of the service area off I-95 that you walked out of and wandered around the parking lot for 10 minutes before realizing the car was on the opposite side.