Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Fantasy Update

So by some freaking act of God, I made it into the finals for my Fantasy Football league. Now that there is potential for making some scratch, Dr. SOB is much more interested in my hobby. The guy I am playing in the championship has been pretty amazing. However a bunch of folks think I might beat him because a lot of his team members are on teams that have already secured playoff spots. Here is a list of our current matchup. I welcome any and all tips or comments!

My Team
QB B. Roethlisberger
WR S. Smith
WR H. Ward
RB W. Parker
RB S. Gado
TE C. Cooley
W/R L. Johnson
K J. Wilkins
DEF San Diego
BN M. Hasselbeck
BN D. Foster
BN E. Kennison
BN D. Akers
BN Seattle

My Opponent
QB C. Palmer
WR D. Branch
WR L. Fitzgerald
RB E. James
RB L. Jordan
TE A. Crumpler
W/R C. Johnson
K J. Feely
DEF Carolina
BN K. Jones
BN D. Jackson
BN T. Heap
BN J. Plummer
BN Washington

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Amy Jo- I think he has you beat in the QB area. I'm sure Palmer will rack up a bunch of points this weekend vs the Bills. You have a really good defense (SD), so definitely play them this weekend instead of your backup, plus 2 good WR's and Larry Johnson. How does that work if you play Larry Johnson against your SD def?
PS. Do I get to share in the wealth for consulting??!!