Saturday, December 03, 2005

Mobile Blogging!

For Christmas, Dr. SOB got me a notebook! And he's getting one, too! And we're going to network them together with our home PC and TiVO and it's going to be fucking awesome! I'll be able to blog in bed. Will wonders never cease? I know it seems pretty ridiculous to get 2 notebooks, but the good Dr. gets an "educational" allowance from work of $1500 per year, and he's going to use that to buy himself one that is a lot more suited for work crap, where as mine is essentially a cool toy we bought on sale at Dell. It should arrive around the 20th. Hopefully at that point I'll be posting day and night, so Brendan, you can stop complaining that I don't update enough. Bitch.

Last night we attended my company holiday party. It's always an interesting event because of the population of employees at my office. It is located about 40 miles due west of Philadelphia, so you have some folks like us and some of my friends who live closer to the city and, well, get out on a regular basis. Then you have the folks who live west of the office, closer to Lancaster, to whom this is the social event of the year. You can tell as soon as you walk in who's who. There are 40 year old women there in prom dresses bought from the junior's section at Boscov's. Seriously, I actually overheard someone saying this. Then you have the girls in skirts and sweaters, or nice 'going out' clothes, but nothing too fancy. The prom dress ladies all get up to dance when the play the Electric Slide and rave about the roast beef carving station! The 'going out' girls and their dates are usually double fisting drinks and then bail to go, well, out. Preferably somewhere that doesn't suck! This year I was the pregnant lady that waddled around in an ill-fitting dress that people pitied because I couldn't get wasted. Also, my bra was showing in every mother-fucking picture I was in. Luckily, we have a digital camera, but my friend Christina, who has a 'real' camera, is going to be pissed when she see her pictures! I spent about 45 minutes this morning blurring out my tits in photo editor! Look at these before and after pics:



Whadda you think? I could use some better software, but not too shabby.

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Lora said...

I am so impressed! I really need to get myself some kind of non-cellphone camera.