Monday, January 02, 2006

From the Point of No Return

I'm back. I made myself a promise that I would write something today, although to be honest, I don't much feel like it. It's not even that I don't have anything to write about, it's just that as I enter this final stage of my pregnancy, I feel an unending fatigue that cuts to the bone. I don't think I have ever been more tired in my life. Thank flipping Christ I only have 3 weeks of work left before I start my maternity leave. I honestly don't think I would last until my due date. I would just fall asleep, and never wake up! Of course, I have plenty to be tired about at the moment. This past week of vacation hardly met the requirements for rest and relaxation I had in mind. My in-laws came for a visit, which was nice but exhausting. My mother-in-law sometimes has more energy than a 3 year old, and she was feeling rather spry during her stay with us. In addition, I was sleeping poorly because I didn't really get to the gym much last week, or I guess at all. I sleep infinitely better when I get my workouts in. Then we left on Friday afternoon to go to Brooklyn see our friend the dermatologist Dr. Machiavelli (to him,that is the highest of compliments). Since Dr. SOB had never been to NYC before, Dr. Machiavelli took us around to all of the major sights. We went to Rockefeller Center, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Lincoln Center, Time Square, the Guggenheim (which was under external restoration and covered in plastic and scaffolding, blast!), the Empire State Building (which had a man in an ape suit charging $10 for a picture with him loitering in front) and Little Italy (Dr. Machiavelli is Italian, as in from Italy), and we had brunch in SoHo at Balthazar. We did all of this in just under 6 hours on Friday evening and Saturday. Also, I peed at every one of these locations. The best part, however, was when we got to Dr. Machiavelli's home and his mother had made us the most incredible Italian meal we ever had! When we got home on Saturday night, we mostly just melted into the couch until 11:30 when we started watching New Year's Rocking Eve. I will not hesitate to tell you that I openly wept when Dick Clark came on. And when he kissed his wife at midnight, I sobbed like a baby. Even Dr. SOB had a tear in his eye. I never wanted to hug a television more in my life. We had a freak out moment then when we realized that we are going to have a baby THIS YEAR! As in NEXT MONTH! Holy Christ.

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Lora said...

isn't it so crazy that this is the year that we will be having babies? un-effing-believable.