Saturday, February 11, 2006


My parents have become obnoxious to the point of insanity. They never did end up coming here this weekend, so to compensate they have been calling us ever 4 hours our so. Occasionally, we don't answer the phone when we're home. Earlier today I was cutting Dr. SOB's hair when they called, so we didn't answer. Then they called my cell phone and then his cell phone. Later, Dr. SOB was getting ready to leave for work when they called. I had planned on calling them back once he was gone for the evening, so we didn't answer. Again, they proceeded to call first my cell phone and then his. Now we have told them several times that when I go into labor, they will be the first people we call after my OB's office, but every time they don't speak to us for more than 4 hours, they freak the fuck out and think I am in labor. This behavior is grating on my last nerve, and they've only been doing it for 2 days. So I decided to nip it in the bud. I called them back and told them that we didn't answer the phone because we were having sex, and that their constant calling was ruining what little time for loving we had left. I explained to them that until we had this baby, every time we don't answer the house phone, they should assume that their son-in-law is laying some pipe and they should refrain from calling the cell phones, as this will just disturb our passions. I think I made my father uncomfortable enough to slap my mother's fingers away from the speed dial button the next time he sees her going for our name. At least I hope so!

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Ma-riss said...

Now thats a girl after my own heart!!!!