Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Waiting, Dear God the Waiting

Today is the day I wait for stuff. Furniture, cable guy and UPS. Naturally, they couldn't all be scheduled at the same time. The new couches are coming sometime between 8 and 12. The cable guy is coming sometime between 11 and 3. The UPS guy comes whenever the fuck he wants to. Which is annoying. At least I have lots of reading to do. And once the new couches arrive, I'll actually have some where to sit and read! Right now we only have the dining room chairs to sit in, and while they are comfortable enough to sit in for the duration of, say, a meal, they're not the kind of chairs you want to kick back in to watch a little Deadwood. Fortunately, the dining room chairs and accompanying table are going away this weekend. This table, which I loved with all my heart, has become the thorn in my paw. It is the one item that we were unable to sell in order to make this new house manageable. Luckily, a new friend of the Dr. just bought a new house and is looking to fill it with some stuff. He didn't want to run out an buy a ton of furniture because he's getting engaged soon (shhhh! It's a secret!) and he figures that his soon-to-be fiancee will have opinions of her own about new furniture. So he's going to use it for the year and then give it back to us once we have a place for it. We were just glad that we didn't have to sell it for a major loss or use it as firewood.

Huzzah! While I was writing this, the cable guy called and said he'll be here early! As in 10 minutes from now! Hooray! I'm calling UPS to see if they can get their asses in gear and then maybe the tot and I can go to the pool this afternoon.

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