Friday, August 25, 2006

Going Off

I had a light bulb moment last night. My piss-poor mood yesterday coupled with a crying jag sparked by god knows what made me realize that I am suffering from hormonal instability due to going off my birth control pills. Now before any of you out there freak out, we are not trying to have another babe just yet. The thing is, I want to loose some of Sam's baby weight before I go and gain new baby weight. However, these pills I was taking have the highest incidence of weight gain as a side effect. The hormone blend required to prevent my milk from drying up and also to keep me from getting knocked up was causing my body to create fat cells out of everything that I ingested. Broccoli = fat. Lettuce = fat. Ice cream = double fat. Even thought I am doing Weight Watchers and sticking to it fairly well, my mass keeps increasing. So I am off the pills. The bad news is that it will probably take a few days or weeks for my body chemistry to level out. That might be good news for you, though, since I tend to write more when I feel crazy. At the moment, I have no local OB/GYN so the good Dr. and I are either going to have to stock up on drugstore contraceptives or abstain. I'm all for going on a shopping spree at Walgreen's but Dr. SOB doesn't like OTC birth control. It's going to end up being a battle of wills. The likely outcome is that I will lose this battle and end up pregnant again before too long.

Here is a perfect example of why we shouldn't have more kids yet. Do you see what Dr. did to his son? He just thought this was the funniest fucking thing he had ever seen. Honestly, I might have giggled a little bit, too. Also I might be the one taking the picture. Dr. is just outside of the frame ready to spring into action should the boy look like his balance is faltering. HBM recently had a similar experience with Wonder Baby. After seeing this photo, the authorities probably won't let us have another baby even if we wanted to.

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super des said...

Ah, hormones. I keep assuring the future father of my children that he will have to excuse the crying/bitchiness/sloth I am destined to have while pregnant.

I can always tell when I'm due for my next hormone/bc shot... I have cried several times at episodes of The SImpsons. Not really a "sad show."

Amy Jo said...

Yes but there are some tear-jerker moments.

I've been know to cry at episodes of So You Think You Can Dance.

I'm so ashamed...

super des said...

we'll get together and have a hormone-induced cry at tv commercials. And not just because they are so bad.

Her Bad Mother said...

That photo is fantabulous - totally worthy of the WonderBaby Little Tyrant Hall of Fame.

(And? I cry at everything. Cheesy country songs are the worst. I hate country music. But they still make me cry. As do tv commercials. And America's Got Talent.)

Amy Jo said...

When I was younger, there used to be a commercial for a local hospital that would cause me to bawl every time it came on. It featured a host of individuals, each with their own disadvantages, saying the phrase "I will be amazing." There was an amputee, an elderly woman, but the one that always got me right here was a young boy who was mentally challenged. Just writing about it is making me tear up.

I need a chocolate cupcake, Des.