Thursday, September 21, 2006

Where My Thought's Escaping

One week from now I will be on a plane bound for Philadelphia, and I am terrified.

I know once I set foot on the ground there I will never want to leave again. In some ways, this is exactly what I was looking for when we decided to move. To Atlanta. Which is so very very far from every restaurant I love. And all the people I love. And the best eyebrow and bikini waxer in the western hemisphere. And the Eagles. And every thing else that took for granted. But I knew I would never be content calling Philly home until I took a chance somewhere else.

I had been plagued with wanderlust ever since March of 2002, when Dr. SOB had Match Day, or as Carrie likes to call it, Evil Day. He had listed several programs in California and Boston, one in Atlanta and one in North Carolina. As a backup, he listed two programs in Philly. Guess where he ended up? I had already been in Philly for almost five years. I had graduated college and all of my friends had moved on to new and exciting places. LA, Seattle, Boulder and Phoenix, to be exact. I hated my job. I was getting married in three months and the stress was debilitating. All I wanted was a new place to call home, a fresh start. I took a vacation day for the match and we sat in eager anticipation as they started reading out names. Every single one of Dr.'s friends matched at their top choice. We were both devastated and everyone knew it. We had planned a big night out, dinner and celebrating, but instead we got in the car and drove home in silence. We didn't want to spoil their fun.

Four years later we were again given the opportunity to try out a new locale, only this time the decision wasn't so easy. Some friends had returned. New friends had emerged. We were comfortable there. I just wasn't sure I was ready make roots. So we sorted and packed and left. Ironically, we ended up at one of the places that had rejected Dr. in the match, and they were begging for him this time around.

We've been here for three months now and I can honestly say that there is nothing wrong with Atlanta. It is a lovely place. There are loads of nice people and tons of interesting places. It just doesn't feel right. Not for me. Does this mean that we're jumping on the first plane back to Philly? Not exactly, but I think that within a few years we'll end up back there. I'd be lying if I said I hadn't been looking at real estate listing in Conshohocken and in Center City, though.

So if you happen to be in the Philadelphia airport on October 2 and you see a woman with a baby having a major meltdown in the middle of the terminal, that will be me, longing for the day I can call Philly my home again. Buy me a soft pretzel and tell me to get a grip, will ya?

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Laura said...

way to go conshohocken! it's a great place to grow up. i feel your pain as far as missing the philly stuff. boston just doesn't know what a soft pretzel and water ice really is and i doubt atlanta does either. enjoy your time at home.

super des said...

I hate moving to new cities. Though I was glad to move to NYC from my crappy college town. And I could never move back to my home home town. But I think that Philly's calling you, you must heed the call...

susan said...

If I buy "yous" 2 soft pretzels will you just stay? Please?

jen said...

i admire your courage (and your writing) glad i found your blog.

Lora said...

i think that airports are the most socially acceptable public places to cry. and make out. sometimes i go there just to do both. okay, once.

Amy Jo said...

Thanks, Jen! I was snooping around your place the other day, too. Can't wait to read part 3!

I was so excited to move, I just wish I was more excited to be here. I think it's tougher to try and explore a new place when you have a baby in tow.

Lora - when I was preggers, I totally flipped in the airport because our flight was delayed for a few hours. Dr. was worried I was making a scene. I should tell him your theory!