Friday, October 13, 2006

Fatty Fat Fat: An Update

Good news people. I went to Weight Watchers today and I lost three whole pounds in the same number of weeks! I am pleased with these results. I know that a pound a week isn't much, but it's wise to take it slow while nursing so that the milk production isn't affected. Moo.

In other news, Sam has officially grown a tooth! I thought this milestone was still way off. They say that the parents' ages when they first cut teeth is a good indicator of when baby's teeth will come in, and SOB and I both were late teethers. Sam always has to buck the system, though. So far he just has the one, but lordy did it make it's presence known! It's likely that everyone who lives in our building also knows that Sam is teething, and not because I go around telling people. I hope that all of the other little teeth don't arrive with so much fanfare. It's like American Idol. Kelly Clarkson was the first winner and consequently she had the highest amount of hoopla and whatnot, while subsequent winners' popularity was simply marginal. Those other teeth need to understand that they are only Fantasia's and Carrie Underwood's to me.

Finally, we are headed to my parents' house tomorrow (at the ass of dawn) for a short trip. SOB has a conference in Chicago, and since I didn't relish the idea of sitting quietly in a dark hotel room every night after 7 or so, I decided not to go with him. Fortunately, this coincided with my mother finding out that she's perimenopausal, so a visit from the grandchild was warranted. I will try and update as much as I can while there, and since Sam's isn't sleeping in the same room as the computer, that might actually happen!

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janet said...

yay for mom says that there is an old wives tales that states who ever first feels the tooth has to buy the babe a pair of shoes. she said she used to rush to her grandparents house with us every time she felt one of our 1st so she could get us some nice should use this to your advantage when you go home!

Amy Jo said...

My family does the same thing! I never met anyone else who ever heard of this tradition. Unfortunatly, SOB spilled the beans. I think his grandma is going to buy him some shoes, anyway, though!