Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Ugh, and Also Ick

We are finally here, after several delays, a cancelled flight, and a nearly missed re-scheduled flight. Sam has a rash all over his entire torso, so now I have to try and figure out if it's from the laundry detergent, the pumpkin patch or the Febreeze my folks sprayed all over the car seat they borrowed from a friend. Oh and they didn't mention the Febreeze until they were dropping us off at the airport, even though I was going majorly bat shit crazy about the rash.

In better news, I'm currently enjoying some tequila! Ole!

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Anonymous said...

HEy- From Tori I got a new cell phone don't call my old one i'll explain more later. I call you tomorrow. Enjoy your tequilla love ya

Susan said...

Ick. Sounds like you might need to get in touch with Jack and Jim to go along with your Jose. Hope the Febreeze/mysterious rash things is solved soon!

Amy Jo said...

The back rash seems to be going away, thank god!