Saturday, November 04, 2006

Daddy Dearest

I went to the store for about an hour today and left Dr. SOB home with the boy. While I was gone, surprisingly, the Dr. fed and bathed Sam and changed him into his jammies. I was quite pleased with this development, and we spent the rest of the night playing and rolling around with him. Finally, when it was time for him to go to bed, I took him up to change him and put him down. I unzipped his pj's and saw, on his chest, a small-ish red-ish painful looking spot. I touched it, and Sam began howling. I calmed him down and got him off to sleep. When I came back downstairs, I casually mentioned the spot to Dr. SOB. After a moment or two of looking sheepishly into his Chinese food, he admitted that he accidentally got a little of 'the fleshy part' of his chest caught in the zipper when he was dressing him.

I'm not mad at him. It was an honest mistake, and I know he was upset enough with himself for the both of us. But let me ask you this: exactly what part of the chest is fleshy?

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Susan said...

Ouch! Maybe we'll stick to the jammies with snaps 'round here... I remember the pain of getting "zipped" all to well!

Anonymous said...

You seriously make me giggle! -Tori

Amy Jo said...

But the zipper pj's are soooooo much more convenient in the middle of the night! He seems no worse for the wear.

Valerie & Quang said...

Looking on the bright side... at least he had a diaper on and nothing else got caught. lol

Poor boy.