Monday, November 27, 2006

Day Is Done

All of the relatives have been visited. All of the food has been eaten. Hugs have been passed, hands have been held, and kisses have been planted. Goodbyes have been said. We leave in the morning. For the place where we keep our belongings. I hesitate to call it home, still. But this place isn't exactly home either. I leave this place more certain of out future, though. For that, and for many other reasons, I'm glad to have made this jorney.

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Anonymous said...

It is more of a home than you realize.

Kids Furniture Crazy

maris said...

were you drunk when you wrote that?
(and i say that because of your mispellings)

Amy Jo said...

Hee! I wish I had been drunk. My parent's computer had no spell check! What century is this?

Susan said...

Well, I was going to make a thoughtful, heartfelt comment, but now all I can think is:

WTF???? They can spam your comment section?!!! And what about your post made them think "Ah, what she needs is more kids furniture. Aren't we all just looking for the perfect kids furniture to make a house a home? When you scrape through the layers of introspect, hesitancy, and longing for a place to call home, don't you find a sad little person just waiting to go kids furniture crazy? There ain't nuthin' more soothing to the angst ridden soul than stubby plastic furnishings in bold primary colors."


Okay, so I'm glad your glad for the journey. And when I get over my incredulity I'll try to comment more appropriately. Hijack over and out.

Amy Jo said...

Susan - you should have seen the comment I deleted earlier. It was just a huge list of links, probably 500 in all.

I'm not sure about this Kids Furniture Crazy. They have commented before, and they seem to actually be reading my posts, so I'm not going to knock them!