Friday, November 03, 2006

Oh Happy Day! (And I'm Not Even Being Sarcastic!)

Good news! Today at Stroller Strides I got me some digits! Of nice, cool people! Three nice, cool people. And I think they think I'm nice and cool, too! At least I hope they do. As a bonus, one of the girls suggested we work out a baby sitting exchange, so Dr. and I might actually be going out for a nice romantic dinner alone some time soon! Hoo-mother-fucking-ray!

Also, it's Bathrobe Friday, which means that after my shower, I sit around in my bathrobe all afternoon. Then, when Sam goes down for his afternoon siesta, I follow suit. Naps for everybody!

Also also, all three of us are going out to dinner tonight. Actually, this afternoon. We try and go as early as possible, without appearing to senior citizen-ish, when dining with Sam. We'll probably head to dinner around six or so. Early enough that most places won't be packed with hip young hipsters that will stare at the baby as though he were an alien life form, but late enough that we don't feel 76 years old. As a double bonus, because Sam seems to enjoy the scenery at restaurants, he is usually quite well behaved. So then he gets to stay up a little later than usual, which frequently means that he'll sleep in a little tomorrow!

What a great way to start the weekend!

P.S. I'm not bi-polar or anything, it's just that I'm finally in a mood that isn't blah and I'm totally stoked about it! Enough to use the expression 'totally stoked' even.

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