Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Taking Stock

I mentioned the other day that I'm going to Dinner A'Fare, which is one of those places where you make a shitload of food and then freeze it for future dinners. I love the idea of this because #1: I hate chopping things and #2: I have little or no creativity when it comes to cooking. I only make the things that I make, if you follow my meaning. If I taste something I like at someone else's house, I might try and repeat the recipe at home if, and only if, it would be simple enough for a one-armed six year old to make.

I have run into one slight problem, though. We have a fairly small freezer, and a few weeks ago I went berserk while grocery shopping. You see, Lean Cuisine was majorly on sale, so I bought, oh about twenty or thirty of them. Add to that the seven hundred freezer bags full of multi-colored cubes of baby food (Yes, I am that mother. Don't hate me, please.) the two wine chiller thingies, and the frozen core for the ice cream machine that Dr. SOB insists on keeping frozen AT ALL TIMES (even though we haven't made ice cream since we moved here five months ago) and I have no place to store the food I just paid $147 dollars for.

To remedy this situation, I took inventory of all of the Lean Cuisines and formulated a meal plan for the next week and a half. During the day, I will continue my Special K diet, but every night for dinner I will feast on Lean Cuisine. I will mix some things like Santa Fe Rice and Beans and Three Bean Chili together for a Tex-Mex style dinner. Also, because I tend to buy two of things I know I like, I'll just cook up double for a dinner-sized portion some nights. The good news is that since they are true to their name, i.e. lean, even a double portion keeps me well within my Weight Watcher's points range.

The Dr. is happy about this solution. He is glad that I am so resourceful to have thunk up this grand scheme. He's also glad because he gets to eat Wendy's, or whatever else he has a yearning for, every night until I free up the freezer space. It's a win/win in his mind.

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Laura said...

last week lean cuisines were on sale up here in our neck of the woods and i bought about 28 of them, seeing as how i bring them to work for lunch almost everyday and eric eats them for dinner if i'm out babysitting and therefore not home to cook a nice dinner. so, i thought it was perfectly reasonable to exploit the sale. however, i'm pretty sure my husband thought i was insane. the sad part is that i can't recall the last time i experienced such a supreme sense of accomplishment as i did when after a good fifteen minutes of revamping not just the freezer but also the fridge, i finally closed the freezer door with everything successfully stowed. the aura of victory was visible around me! it's sad really..l

super des said...

You could just buy a bigger freezer.

Susan said...

Okay, this place? This Dinner A'Fare?




Where do you find these things?

Amy Jo said...

Laura - it's not sad, it's just a manifestation of our sickness!

I refuse to buy anything for the crummy apartment, des. In theory, I like your idea, though.

Susan, I take no credit. I was invited by some ladies from stroller strides!