Saturday, January 06, 2007

Check Out My Shiny New Button!

Parent Bloggers Network

Ta Da! I am an official member of the Parent Bloggers Network!

What is this fantastical thing, you ask? Well, Julie and Kristen have banded together (again) to bring the masses a wonderful new service. The members of the Parent Bloggers Network will periodically be asked to review goods and services. Then all of the reviews, both positive and negative, will be compiled over at the Parent Bloggers Network homepage, for your reading pleasure. All in one place! Could it get any easier?

And fear not, you fun loving, child-free folks! Even though we are called the Parent Bloggers Network, we will be rewiewing scads of things that have absolutely nothing to do with babes. Like books and beauty products and accessories. Although we will also be reviewing loads of kid stuff, too. But consider those a helpful guide for the next time you're invited to a baby shower!

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