Monday, January 29, 2007

My Best Shot Monday: Grandma Edition

My grandparents came for a visit this weekend. It ended up being a very food-oriented trip.

For as long as I can remember, my gram has made these sandwiches which she calls combinations. The have three slices of toasted white bread, an egg fried over hard, a slice of fried bologna, lettuce, pickle slices, tomato, mayo and mustard in a very highly specific order I can never remember. My pap likes cucumbers on his, and SOB doesn't like tomato. I gobbled mine up so fast, we didn't get a picture of one with tomato, which might have added to the shot.

When my gram travels, she always brings a box of ribbon candy with her because she's terrified that she won't be able to find it once she gets to her destination. During the holidays, she buys up box upon box of the stuff so that she'll have it year round. She knows the flavors of every color. For example, this red and white candy is actually a root beer flavored piece. I thought it might be cinnamon or cherry. Luckily, I love root beer flavored candy.

On Sunday morning, she set her hair for church. When Sam woke up, he was enchanted with her head. All he wanted in the whole wide world was to get her curlers. Once it was time to take them out, you would have thought he died and went to heaven!

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Karianna said...

A grandma with curlers in her hair, and red-rootbeer-flavored ribbon-candy, how wonderful!

tracey said...

Sweet stuff there. What great memories.

: ) Tracey @ Picture This

Lora said...

I love fried bologna. I'm buying some ASAP. Dave just told me that he never had it. Eastern PA food is the worst. Western rocks.

Amy Jo said...

Last night we had brick cheese on bread for dinner. My grandma calls it 'dago bread' or 'dago cheese' for some reason, even though brick cheese is usually from Wisconsin. My family is weird, huh?

P.S. My grandmother is full-bloded Italian, so I guess it's ok that she uses the term 'dago' right?