Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ring Around the Wormies

On Saturday, I noticed a small red dot on Sam's temple. By yesterday it had grown into a big red ring. That's right folks, my boy has ring worm! How gross is that?!? He likely got it at the Y playing on the mats when the nice ladies let him crawl around. Karma, anyone?

Speaking of the Y, I did call them and discuss my concerns with the child care director. She was very helpful, and suggested that I clearly state that Sam isn't to be put in the swing when I drop him off. If it continues, the next step would be to identify the swing offender and have the director deal with her. Hopefully it won't be an issue any longer. Thanks to all of you who weighed in. Your comments and support helped increase the size of my ball sack to the point where I could say something.

The car situation is a major cluster fuck, and just thinking about it makes my eye balls ooze a little.

As for our regular life, we had a lovely weekend visit from our Bostonian friends Laura and Eric. We had lots of fun eating and visiting with the baby panda. Unfortunately, the happy vibes were tainted by the Eagle's disappointing loss on Saturday night to the Saints. I even made my special dip and wore my Eagle's jersey, even though it's waaaaaaay too small for my ever-burgeoning belly. Seriously fetus. You're only eight or nine weeks old. Why are you wreaking havoc on my wardrobe already?

(Confession time. I wore maternity pants over the weekend. Honestly, they are just so comfortable in the beginning. During my pregnancy with Sam, I hated bras. This time around, that hatred has been transferred to pants.)

Well, I think that pretty much wraps up everything from the last few days. I plan to be back in action this week, at least as much as I can. Sometime, naps win out over blogging. Stay tuned for details from my first OB appointment, when I have to take Sam in with me when I get a pelvic exam. Traumatic or comedic? You be the judge!

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Her Bad Mother said...

Well, our little red spot turned into chicken pox. But a pestilence is a pestilence, and not good fun.

And? I still pull on the maternity capris from time to time. Because stretchy, sometimes, is good.

Amy Jo said...

Thank heavens! I was worried I was the only one!

Luckily, I didn't have to lug him over to the doctor's office. The nurse called and told me the treatment. I can actually use tea tree oil instead of some scary athlete's foot medication, which is nice.