Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Reality of Motherhood

Ever since Sam started saying 'mama' we've been trying to get him to say other things. Like 'dada' and 'kitty' and such. Unfortunately, 'mama' seems to be all there is for him so far. But 'mama' seems to have taken on new meaning for all of us. The first few weeks, every time he would utter those two little syllables, I would get excited and clap and cheer for him. If I happened to be feeding him, I would cheer and then continue feeding him. Well, something stuck and now 'mama' seems to mean something along the lines of 'feed me you stupid woman' to him. Observe the following video.

Sign this kid up for the gifted program stat.

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super des said...

Well, I'd rather hear "mama" then the high pitched squealing that kids his age are so good at.

Chase said...

The squealing, drooling, and mumbling kinda remind me of my boyfriend when he wants food, too. Hmmm.

Amy Jo said...

Oh don't worry des, he's also a master squealer.

As for the menfolk, there was a definitive moment after Sam was born when SOB realzied that the boobs were no longer his territory (at least temporarily) and he cried like a little baby!