Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Occurrence of Odd Events

The past two days have been filled with strange goings on here at the casa de queso, which explains my otherwise unexplained absence.

Tuesday morning I was pleasantly surprised to find SOB snug in bed when Sam woke me. Turns out, he randomly had the day off. Since I had already made reservations for Sam at God's Little Garden (that's his Presbyterian day care center), I dropped him off and the adults had a lovely morning drinking coffee at a leisurely rate. Then we hopped in the car and went to see the Louvre collection at the High museum here in town. A good time was had by all.

We picked Sam up at one, and he took a three hour nap as soon as we got home. I also took a nap while SOB played with some data tables or something. That's when the pleasant/weird ended and the bad/weird began. As soon as Sam was awake, we sat him in his high chair for some dinner. He refused the spoon, and then started vomiting a putrid brown liquid all over his tray. I took one look at him and ran for the bathroom. I love the kid, but I also know that it would be easier to clean up puke from one baby than puke from one baby and one adult. Also, in the those few fleeting seconds, I realized the following:

1. all of Sam's puke had been contained to his high chair tray
2. SOB was home and if I was any kind of lucky would take care of it before I was finished with my own little upchuck episode.

I was lucky, and once I was all cleaned up so was Sam. I gave him a quick bath and we decided to hunker down for the night. He didn't seem sick, and was ravenous afterwards, so we gave him some nice plain oatmeal and he was happy.

Sam decided that he wanted to see the sunrise on Wednesday morning, so we got out of bed at 5:45am. By my estimate, we were over an hour early for sunrise, but Sam was undeterred. After he ate his breakfast, the only way I can describe him was pain-in-the-ass-cranky. So as an experiment I put him back in his crib. Five minutes later, he was sound asleep. Ten minutes later I was sound asleep. SOB had been asleep this whole time because he didn't have to go in until noon. Bastard. Oh, and the sun came up at 7:30, so we missed it.

Things kind of got back to normal after that. We all got up around 9:30. SOB went to work, Sam and I went to the zoo with some friends and that was that. It was about ninety degrees here so the zoo trip elicited its own amount of bitchiness from the babe. Not that I blame him.

Woman, get me outta here!

While we were gone the cat decided it was his turn and barfed all over the stairs.

The final (I hope) strange occurrence also involved the cat. Some how, the he got himself trapped in our hall closet last night. Luckily for him, it's a roomy closet, and it's also where we store his big bag of food. Which he totally destroyed during his ordeal. Spreading nearly eight pounds of small brown pellets all over the hall. At first I was quite concerned. Since SOB had let him out this morning, I was unaware at first that he had been, in fact, trapped. The bag which had previously contained the food was completely shredded into a million little pieces. I was convinced that our docile, de-clawed cat could have never performed such a feat and that we had some kind of scary vermin living in the closet. I called SOB in a panic, and he reassured me that it was indeed the cat, and he even apologized for not cleaning it up before he left for work. What a sweetie.

So far, nothing strange has happened today. Here's hoping that it stays that way!

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