Monday, May 07, 2007

Insane in the Membrane

Last June SOB's Becky cousin had a little baby girl. Becky had preeclampsia and the baby was born about 9 weeks early. Both mom and baby did remarkably well, however, as SOB will be the first to tell you that he comes from hearty stock. The little one had to spend a decent amount of time in the NICU, but at this point she's almost caught up, developmentally speaking.

Last week, Becky wasn't feeling too well. Her stomach was bothering her and she was short of breath. She decided to go to the doctor's office where they determined that she was pregnant again. Yay! Everyone was very happy, and she scheduled an appointment with her OB for today. The OB sent her to have an ultrasound on Friday to date and check for proper implantation. Well, once the ultrasound tech started poking around in there, she found that Becky was 35 weeks pregnant, approximately.

What. The. Fuck?!?

I'm all for denial, but not knowing you're pregnant at 35 weeks? She is not a big girl, either, who might not notice a twenty pound weight gain. We are all flummoxed.

Either way, we wish them the best of luck. Since the two girls will be less than a year apart, and they only have a month to plan for their #2, they are going to need it!

And since I've been so bad lately about playing MBSM, here are two pics from the weekend. I still cannot get over the blue eyes!

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Tracey said...

OK how does that happen? First of all, more power to her to be getting some action w/in the first 6 weeks of post baby number 1. Second of all, didn't she FEEL the baby move? WTF is right! CRAZY!

Stacy said...

First off, lovely shots and beautiful eyes.

Secondly, I wholeheartedly agree...WTF?? Yay for her not getting all day nausea because that was my first sign at 6 weeks that I was preggo. After already having been pregnant how can you not know once the baby starts moving and kicking all your organs?? WOW.

Amy Jo said...

Honestly, I don't know. I wouldn't say she's the smartest girl I know, but she's no dummy either. And she was just pregnant, like, five minutes ago! I'm 25 weeks along and I knew I was knocked up before I missed my period. And how could she not notice that she never got her period??? She didn't breast feed or anything!

melody said...

First, those blue eyes have my heart. Beautiful photos.

Second, about the pregnancy story...huh? How does one not know for THIS long? Best wishes to her.

momto4kidsny said...

love the blue eyes!! she is such a cutie pie!
now for being 35 weeks along and not know it?? hmm with my youngest I knew I was pregnate for 5 whole months before a doctor confirmed I was pregnate via ultrasound.i was sick morning day nights. i felt movement. i took every single home test on the marked and was going to the doc every 2 weeks for blood work trying to tell them i was pregnate. then on the day of the ultra sound the tec called the doc after hearing all this to show the doc not only was i pregnate but had been for 5 months!!! so i don't get how she went this long without knowing!! WTF??? is right!!! crazy i tell you crazy!

Nicole said...

Well, I didn't know for 15 weeks :) Had spotting and a little baby to boot (my kids are 14 months apart), but 35 weeks, that's sorta pushing it (no pun intended). My only symtoms - extra acne and could not lose the baby weight. Your brain does do funny things when you become a mommy.

natalie said...

I'm sort of (ONLY sort of) jealous that she didn't know for 35 weeks!!!! Man, to have skipped that whole vomitting every time I moved thing and the heartburn and the vomitting--oh, wait, I already said that.

Your kiddo is adorable.

theotherbear said...

Wow. That'd be so cool. Except you'd wanna hope you hadn't had a couple of nights out on the turps without knowing, wouldn't you. Although I have heard of this before, it was a young girl still in her final year of school. So maybe that was more a head in the sand type thing.

Amy Jo said...

15 weeks is one thing, 35 is another all together!