Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Triple Live Gonzo

Things are hectic hectic hectic here at the good old casa de queso. SOB is on call today and Thursday. Our cat is very ill and had to be taken to the kitty ER this morning. I have a meeting with Sam's agent at 10:30 today. On Thursday I have an OB appointment and Sam has his 15 month check up (with needles!) and on Friday we are leaving for a week-long vacation in Florida.

The kitty situation is very stressful for me, because I love my feline baby. He was the first pet SOB and I ever got together. His name is Simon and he is ten years old. He was merely a babe when he first came to us, and we had to hide him in our closet for a few days. We were in the process of moving, and the old place didn't allow pets but the new place did. The shelter wouldn't hold him for us, so we emptied out the biggest closet and set him up. We had to be pretty slick, since the building manager was trotting prospective renters in and out all day long.

He has moved with us three times. He has outlasted two other cats. He loves my human baby more than an animal should love a small person who pulls on ears. Because of his age and symptoms, the vet spoke in whispers of things like kidney disease and thyroid conditions. Our second favorite kitty died from thyroid cancer, and it was awful.

Plus, since we're going away next week, I'm even more fretful. We have a very kind and trustworthy doctor friend coming over to play and tend to him, but he will be alone most of the time. Thinking of my sick and lonely kitty is enough to make me sick. Hopefully we'll hear from the vet later on and everything will be fine. SOB thinks he has a trichobezoar, or in English, a super-ginormous hairball, which is easily treatable. I guess growing up on a farm taught him a thing or two, huh?

In other news, today is the first day of my third trimester. WTF?

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super des said...

I hope your kitty is ok. My cat was only a little bit sick recently so I didn't have to take him to the vet, but I was still scared.

Becky said...

I hope Kitty will be alright, and all the other apts you have go well too! have fun on your trip and try not to worry to much!
Not to much longer! First day of the last trimester..yea for you!!!

dana said...

I hope the cat gets better!

And do you have room in your suitcase? I'd like to go to Florida, too, please!

theotherbear said...

I do hope your kitty is ok. I can imagine how devastating it would be if anything happened.

Amy Jo said...

Dana - you can come, but you'll have to ride on the roof. We are pushing the limits of the interior of our station wagon!

The vet said he couldn't find anything wrong with the cat, so we're giving him some antibiotics and some gentle food for a week to see if it helps. Oh and he performed about $400 bucks worth of tests, which made SOB a little irate.