Saturday, May 26, 2007

Vacation, Part 1

Our trip yesterday was, by and large, uneventful. While Sam didn't love being trapped in the car for eight hours, he managed to not freak out too badly. We stopped twice. The first stop was to let him run laps around the scariest McDonald's in history. We were somewhere in the depths of south Georgia, and Sam had more teeth than 90% of the patrons. Our other stop was somewhere off the interstate in Florida, and I couldn't hold my pee in any longer. The 'ladies' room had a cracked toilette seat that had been repaired with masking tape. It was so bad that I actually considered holding my paper money (I needed to buy more water) in my mouth rather than setting it on the sink. I ended up putting it in my arm pit, just so you know. And no, I didn't have any pockets.

My grandparents bought this condo about six months ago, and it was partially furnished. I guess that's why there is this clock on the wall with pictures of kids we don't know.

Also, the lovely couple who lived here before left this gem for my gram and pap to enjoy:

Finally, I would like to share something really special with you. My grandparents are now the proud owners of the original remote control. It really should be in a musuem or something. Maybe the Smithsonian?

It came with their Zenith Space Command console television.

SOB is not having this TV situation, so we're headed out to a flea market (which is called The FleaMaster!) as soon as Sam wakes up to look for a new-ish one. One that isn't so old it should be evaluated for investment potential.

Ah Florida, the land of flea markets and old people. And oranges. Don't forget the oranges.

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Becky said...

I have the giggles when I seen the remote and the tv. I would have it evaluated to see how much its worth...who knows it could be a fortune right? Have fun at the FleaMaster! what a name for a fleamarket!

super des said...

Florida is also home to the space command.

Amy Jo said...

Maybe they can use the remote to launch the next shuttle?