Thursday, May 03, 2007

What To Do?

I seek advice, Oh wise wise internets!

Sam's Jesus School is having a 'Nursery Appreciation Week' starting May 14th. Who, precisely, do I need to appreciate? I assume the teachers in his room, but do I also need to apprecaite the receptionist? And is a card ok, or should there be gifts? And who the hell schedules their own Appreciation Week? Also, one of his teachers is having a birthday on the 12th. Am I then required to have a birthday gift and also an appreciation gift?And why do they call themselves teachers, really?


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super des said...

I don't think I can answer any of those questions, though they made me laugh.

Maybe a nice donation to the school in general?

janet said...

easy way out...get some break'n'bake cookies, and put them in a basket- the teachers can share with the receptionist, unless they'll eat all 24 (who knows)...the birthday thing- i would just let Sammy pick her some wild flowers and let him color a card. When I worked in pre-K, the only time I wanted a gift was on Christmas...maybe I should plan an appreciation week for me-hmmm!

Anonymous said...

What we did for Jake and what I've learned is the custom is that you get his regular teacher a nice little gift card for their birthday. $10 to $15 is thoughtful enough and if they get that from every kid, it's not a bad day. As for the appreciation weeks, the previous poster's suggestion of cookies is fine. We've done doughnuts and bagels before. Since your time in town is running out, you need not go over the top with a catered Fat Matt's dinner. That being said, if you decide to stay and want Sammy to get the best preferred treatment, drop some ribs on them at lunch!

Amy Jo said...

Thanks for the tips! I think we'll do a little gift card for the birthday and a nice muffin basket or some other baked good for appreciation week.

susan said...

I have to agree w/ anonymous -- the basket o' goodies for general appreciation and a SMALL gift card (extravagant gifts always made me wonder why I was being bribed...) for the individual were the standard gifting options when I was teaching. A piece of paper covered in stickers and outlined in "Sammy Scribbles" (in primary colors, of course! And, you might want to "translate" his scribbles, just to make sure his message is obvious) makes a wonderous card and is far more likely to be kept past the end of the school day!