Monday, June 25, 2007

Getting Here

If anyone ever tells you that there flying somewhere with a toddler on their lap while they are 31 weeks pregnant, take a deep breath and smack them across the face. That's the only way to sufficiently knock the crazy out of them. They might think you hate them because of the slap, but really, you are doing them a huge favor. Sam's body was taken over by an alien devil baby the minute we got to the airport, and the vile spirit didn't leave him until, well, he might still be in there. We're waiting on a consultation from a priest and a NASA scientist before we make any conclusions.

In other news, the house hunting is going relatively well. The scant few hours that Sam did behave yesterday was while we were out real estate shopping. We found several houses that we would be very happy with, and we're seeing about a dozen more today. If we're lucky we'll be making an offer sometime in the next 48 hours.

Finally, I haven't had my camera out all week, so I'm submitting this oldie but goodie for my BSM. It helps me to remember that my baby boy isn't always such a terror. Visit Picture This too see all the pretty pictures!

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susan said...

I'm just glad the getting here is done and that you guys are HERE!!!! Feel free to drop Sammy and his vile spirit by if you need a break or just want to look through someone else's closets without having to chase him out of them -- we're all set up for alien devil babies 'round here. ;)

Mom101 said...

My heart goes out. I have flown a lot with Thalia but not on my lap since she was under a year. Next time: Benadryl. For you too.

Amy Jo said...

I thought about giving him some benadryl, but naturally I couldn't find it. Thank god we're traveling home as a family.