Friday, June 29, 2007

The Week in Review

Whew! It has been a hella long week.

Baring any major issues during the home inspection (which is going on, um, Right. Fucking. Now.) this is our new house! It's all sorts of pretty, except for the neon yellow paint in the dining room and one neon red/orange wall in the living room. It has a brand spanking new kitchen and master bathroom. Which? Is awesome! After ten years of living in rentals, I am totally over crummy kitchens and bathrooms. We have never had one single tub, toilet, sink, etc. that wasn't the smallest, cheapest model available. Our new bathroom has a separate shower with one of those rain shower heads and a big garden tub with jets and junk. I think I may never get out of it once I get in. Except for the occasional rain shower.

There are three regular bedrooms on the second floor and two additional bedrooms on the third floor. The upstairs ones have dormer windows, which I heart. Those two rooms share a funky old fashioned bathroom with a claw foot tub, which you might be able to find me in if I'm not in the rain shower or tub with jets.

Finding the house was an exercise in self mutilation. We saw almost thirty houses in two days, and went back to four of them for second looks. Sam was an absolute angel while we were out, which amazed me since he wasn't permitted to do anything besides be carried by his father. But afterwards? Let's just say he saved up all of his bad behavior for us and unleashed it in one huge dose each night after we got home. Understandable, sure, but a little on the irritating side. We did manage to keep him from smearing forest berry jelly all over our friends' new taupe colored couch, so I count that as a victory for the parents.

Now we are staying at the home of Susan, BG and LG, and Sam is having a blast. LG has millions of new toys that taste ever so yummy. There are fun places to run and play and an actual friend to play with. Did I mention they have toys here? New and delicious toys?

We're having a little pool party this afternoon and then packing up and driving to Harrisburg. Sam's godfather is having a big family pig roast at his house tomorrow and my parents are absolutely crawling out of their skin in anticipation of seeing Sam. Our plan was to try and get adjoining hotel rooms for tonight so that Sam could sleep in one and we could chat away in the other, but apparently with the 4th of July, the capitol of PA is booked to capacity. Something about historical reenactments and muskets and Lincoln or something. So I'm going to bed at 8 tonight while SOB hangs with my folks, most likely. It's ok, because I've been getting far too little sleep this week, what with all the friends and talking and dinners. Oh and that whole toddler/being insanely pregnant thing. That, too.

We pack up again tomorrow afternoon and start our big drive south. It should take about ten hours from central PA, and SOB thinks we can make it in one shot. He's doing the driving, so we're going to let him sleep in tomorrow morning and then he can decide how he's feeling at midnight or so when we're cruising through Charlotte. We'll see.

For now, I have a few moments to myself so I'm going to try and catch up with my Google reader. When I peeked at it this morning, it said 100+ new posts. Shudder.

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super des said...

I love your new house. I am especially jealous of the stone turret part in front. I am going to have to come visit you.