Thursday, July 05, 2007


Yesterday our family took a little trip to the mall. I have recently discovered the most comfortable maternity pants in the universe and I have made it my mission to visit every Old Navy with a maternity department in order to acquire as many pairs as possible. I do still have almost 8 weeks, and I can't wear the same pair every day, no matter how many showers I take.

Now to be honest, this mall we were visiting isn't the nicest mall in the world. In fact, it's one of those malls that are falling apart, with every other store closed or going out of business. Because of this, we observed a very colorful clientele. Adding the holiday to the mix, we saw some fantastic outfits that would have fit nicely on the Oh, the urbanity! blog.

This got SOB and I wondering how Lora manages to take pictures of people without being detected. After a lengthy discussion, we decided that the camera phone, having the convenient excuse of text messaging if you were to be caught, was probably the best option for these photo ops.

So this morning, when I pulled into the nearly deserted post office parking lot, I saw a golden opportunity to put our theories to the test. Parked in the first row was a beautifully restored MGB convertible with the top up painted British Racing Green. This is SOB's dream car. His father had one when he was little, and as long as I've know him he's talked about getting one to tool around with on the weekends. I looked around and didn't see anyone nearby, so I whipped out my phone to snap a few pictures. The light was funny, and I kept getting a big glare off of the windshield, so I ended up taking a little longer than I had anticipated.

All of a sudden, a woman gets out of the car and demands to know what I'm doing. You see, the big glare that was ruining all of my pictures was also obstructing any view of the interior of the car. I didn't even realize someone was in there. With my face turning seven shades of red, I used our cover story of text messaging, something I've used maybe twice in the real world, and made a break for my own car.

I think maybe I'll get one of those James Bond style spy cameras for next time.

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Lora said...

#1- i figured out how to read your blog again!

#2- i do use a camera phone, but my old one was quicker and better. my new phone is much more high tech but the camera sucks, hence the lack of posting.

i pretend to push a lot of buttons when i take pictures, i'm sorry you almost got caught!

super des said...

I get paranoid that when people are texting they are really taking pictures of me. You fuel this paranoia.

The Swiss Miss said...

That made me laugh. I tried to take a picture of a white woman with a very bad weave in line in front of me and my phone was set to "quack" instead of making a shutter sound. No excuse available.

Amy Jo said...

OMG swiss miss! I didn't even know you could change that sound.

Welcome back, Lora!

des - I bet people just want to take pics of your hair because it is so cool!