Sunday, July 22, 2007

Nesting 101

Last night I thought I was going into labor.

I have always been worried throughout this pregnancy that I wouldn't know when I was in labor. You see, with Sam my water broke. It was a no-brainer. Yesterday I had contractions for six hours straight that didn't seem to go away. Even when I was laying on my left side for hours on end. I didn't mention anything to SOB until four hours into it because I knew he would say I was crazy. And he did. But he also rested his hand on my belly for the next hour and counted my contractions.

Finally, we fell asleep. Naturally, I had dreams of going into labor. I actually had a dream in which my water broke, and I woke with a start, feeling the sheets desperately. Luckily, everything was as dry as a bone.

Today the contractions are still coming, but much less frequently. SOB is working until three. It is a gray day, and I had planned to take Sam swimming, but the rain will likely keep us home bound for a while. Since he's been napping, I have done three loads of laundry, made two meals, and sorted every single toy Sam owns.

I dragged everything down into the living room and made several piles. We had stuffed animals, hand-held toys, books, balls, electronical doo-dads that make noise and require batteries, blocks, and good old fashioned wooden toys. First I picked through everything for stuff that the new baby might like. Then I put together all the things that 'belong' to something else. For example, there are several small items that attach to the swing and bouncy seat. Those have been sequestered, so that when SOB re-assembles them they can be properly utilized. After that, all of the stuffed animals were evaluated and reassigned. Sam doesn't much play with these, so only a few were distributed into toy boxes. The rest were bagged and are closet bound. The rest of the mounds of toys were evenly distributed to the five (five!) different toy boxes and diaper bag.

Now all I have to do is find the energy to lug them all back to their proper homes. My living room looks like a Toys-R-Us display window. Oh, and maybe do something useful like pack my hospital bag.

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High Heeled Mama said...

Oh my goodness...I can't believe it's almost time already! Tell that little muffin she needs to bake a little while longer...although I know how being nine months pregnant in this town feels in July. Tell SOB to bring home ice cream...EVERY DAY!

Mom101 said...

Yikes, this sounds like something that happened to me.

Turned out to be constipation.

Ain't pregnancy awesome?

Arizaphale said...

Braxton Hicks??? Hope so for your sake!! Eagerly awaiting more news.
PS Doesn't everyone have 5 toy boxes? all appropriately labelled, for benefit of non-reading toddler? wheels, dolls, craft, construction etc etc....or is that just the OCD mothers like me? Anyway, it all ends up as 'toy soup' in 5 minutes + 2 toddlers.

Amy Jo said...

Liz - I recalled that situation of yours. I'm not sure if that was part of my problem or not, since it's often in the mix!

When we were looking at houses, we got tons of great ideas for toy storage from some of the families who were selling. It's not just you, arizaphale!