Thursday, July 12, 2007

Operation Finger Slice: Update

So it's not as gory as it was yesterday. It still hurts like hell, and keeps me from bending at the first knuckle, but no stitches were required. Although SOB mentioned several scary words like necrosis and debridement, so I'm still a teeny bit concerned that needles will be involved.

To take our minds off of the scary franken-finger, we're going to see the Transformers movie tonight. Many thanks to my friend Jenn who will take charge of Sam while we're out. I promised SOB that we would see Spider Man 3 for Father's Day and we never got around to it. Then he heard that it kind of sucked. When I arranged for Jenn to sit for Sam, I was hoping to see Sicko, but he gently reminded me that I still 'owed' him a movie, so the Transformers it is!

As payback, here's a picture he took of himself last night while playing around with the Photo Booth game thingie on the new computer!

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susan said...

Ouch and oh, my. Hope date night was a smashing success!

Arizaphale said...

Eeeeeek. Not sure which is more scary...SOB or finger!!!!! hahahah

Amy Jo said...

Date night was fun. I actually enjoyed the Transformers more than I thought!

That picture was the least scary of the lot, arizaphale!