Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Postal Service

While we were away, I had the post office hold our mail. We've done this before with ease. There are six large boxes in our lobby that our awesome mail man JJ can put large packages or quantities of mail into, and then he just leaves a key in our regular box. Well, yesterday afternoon Sam and I went out to the grocery store and found a slip in our box instead of a key. As I found out, we had received such a massive amount of mail last week that they couldn't fit it into the largest of large mail boxes. I guess they're not allowed to split it up into several boxes, or maybe other folks here got packages recently, but the end result was that I had to pick up our accumulated mail at a collection office. There was so much they even let me take one of those plastic crates. Look:

Now this is what it looked like all spread out on my coffee table:

And this is the stack of actual mail left after I weeded out all of the junk:

And this was the best thing that came last week:

My baby is going to be the coolest cat in school.

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super des said...

ha ha ha! Tiny converse!
I alaways say that my favorite part of having kids will be shoe-shopping.

ps - my word verification is literally just a blue blob. Apparently I'm a spammer because I can't discern letters from it.

Amy Jo said...

These are the first pair of real shoes I've bought him, and I think I might be hooked!

I'm sorry blogger thinks you're a spammer. I know the truth!

susan said...

Those rock! Well worth the trip to the post office, eh?