Sunday, July 15, 2007

Thank You, Ronald Regan

A few weeks ago, I bought Sam some chicken nuggets at Whole Foods with the hopes that I could somehow break him of his addiction to pureed food. Upon first inspection, he seemed to enjoy them. But? Since that fateful day he has refused to touch the things.

Today I got the bright idea of putting them on his little plate with some ketchup. Maybe the process of dipping them would make them somehow more appealing, dare I say edible? Well, he did enjoy the dipping, and the ketchup he loved. He spent 20 minutes dunking the same god damned nugget into the ketchup over and over and sucking it dry.

Once he had liberated the nugget from its breading, he tossed it aside and decided to just use his fingers.

So my son ate a supper consisting entirely of ketchup.

At least it was Heinz.

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super des said...

YOu've got a fondue boy in the making.

Amy Jo said...

I just wish the kid would eat something else by himself! Once the new girl arrives, he's going to SOL.