Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Bitch Stole My Ball!

Yesterday afternoon, since the temperature was only in the nineties, we took Sam to the pool. We had been away from quite some time due to weather related pregnancy concerns, which is a fancy way of saying it was too damn hot and I was too damn pregnant. (I still am. Just in case I confused you by using the past tense.)

Anyhoodle, I always take one pool toy with us on these outings. One is all I really have the energy to keep track of. Our last name is written across every pool toy in huge black letters because there are a lot of kids around, and while I don't mind sharing while at the pool, I like to ensure that we go home with everything we brought with us. Today we took Sam's ball, which of all the toys is the most clearly labeled. The only thing on the fucker is our name in giant permanent marker. After tossing the ball with Aunt Allison for a while, Sam lost interest and began playing in the fountain. A little girl, perhaps a few months younger than Sammy, saw the ball and started playing with it. I didn't say anything because, as I said, sharing is A-ok in my book. There weren't many people there today (school is back in session!) so I knew it's be easy to keep track of while we played.

I guess her mother interpreted my silence to mean that we hated the ball and never wanted to see it again, because just a few minutes later I see her tucking Sam's ball under her beach chair and then covering the chair with her towel, rendering the ball invisible. There is nothing super special or fancy about the ball, and I believe it cost me $2.99, so I was a little surprised that this mother was even taking the trouble to steal it. Most of the woman at my local YMCA could afford to buy their kids balls that cost $299.

Luckily, at the same moment Sam started calling out for his ball and throwing his little arms up in the air in his 'where did it go?' gesture. I told Aunt Allison I would be right back, and I walked over to the woman and her daughter. When politely asked for our ball back, she blinked hard and then uncovered it and handed it over. She muttered some excuse, with more than a little attitude, about not knowing that it belonged to anyone. I informed her that that is exactly why I write our name on our things. Then I held the ball up with our huge, impossible to ignore name pointed right at her face, held it there for a few seconds and walked away.

I could have made a bigger deal out of this. I could have chastised her for setting such a poor example for her daughter. I could have yelled or caller her names. What do you think? Did I handle this well?


Question: Any of you having trouble viewing my page lately? I've gotten a few emails from peeps expressing concern that my page doesn't load properly on their computers. Let me know so I can try and fix things! Thanks!

P.S. Today is my due date!

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High Heeled Mama said...

Handled VERY well considering at 39 weeks and 6 days pregnant, you're pretty much entitled to act any way you wish.

Amy Jo said...

True that!

super des said...

Handled very well. You pointed out what an idiot that lady was without resorting to meanness. That makes people feel even stupider.

And I can see your page fine, btw.

Happy due date! Where is she?

susan said...

Well handled, for sure. I'm not sure I could have resisted bouncing the ball off her ding-bat forehead. Over and over and over again until the letters of your name made a true impression. Your way was much more efficient.

Got your bag packed yet?

Anonymous said...

hahaha...it just made me laugh alot. i truly wish i could have witnessed the whole interaction. handled perfectly.


Lora said...

This is the first I have been able to be on your blog for weeks! No work access, no home access, no library access. I read the first few lines on my Google reader to see if you have birthed that child yet and try all day long to get to your actual site, but it never works!

How are your site meter hits? If no one comments here, I'm guessing that it is because they couldn't get on, not that they couldn't comment. Maybe if you put a really short post that would be visible on reader asking people to email you if they are having issues?

I miss you, dammit.

Mrs. Chicken said...

Oh man, you were so much more polite than I would have been.

I think you handled it perfectly.

Sending baby-out vibes to you!

theotherbear said...

Oh, wow. I would totally have flipped and said very bad words to that lady. Like "You thief, give my ball back". And much worse.