Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Getting To Know You, Getting To Know All About You

Last night before bed, I had to pee. Big surprise. All of us adults were downstairs, so I just traipsed around the corner to the powder room. Well, I got hit with a contraction on the way, which effectively squeezes my bladder like a sponge. In my haste to get to the potty before I peed my pants, I didn't close the bathroom door all the way. The door itself was closed, but it hadn't latched, so as I was voiding my bladder, it started to swing open. Because I didn't wait SSIL to happen upon me as I sat on the throne, I called out 'I am accidentally peeing with the door open!' Well, SSIL and SOB found this to be the height of hilarity, and once they started giggling I started, too. Then I couldn't stop. I was honestly thinking that I might laugh so hard my water might break. At least I was hoping.

Alas, my bag of waters remained intact. But SSIL and I now have reached a new place in our relationship. Which is nice considering how often she's going to be seeing my boobs in just a few more days!


Speaking of, my due date is in ONE WEEK! Sam was born four days before his due date, but I'm hoping that my little lady will beat out her big brother in this category. I've been throwing pennies in fountains, crossing my fingers, etc. but with no luck. Any suggestions, dear Internets?

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Arizaphale said...

You gotta know em all surely?
A hot curry, a long walk, acupuncture and finally....sex.
Not necessarily all on the same day.
Good luck :-D

Fidget said...

Huge romaine lettuce salad, I mean like platter sized. Pineapple for dessert and if you are a gluten for punishment you can add Correctal to the mix. It was unecessary for me as labor had decide to begin and after a night of the shits, my water broke at 7 am.. exactly 24 hours before my scheduled Amnio.

Amy Jo said...

Fidget! That is exactly what we're having tonight. And I never heard that before.

Keeping my fingers crossed!