Thursday, August 23, 2007

School Daze

A little while back I posted one of SOB's childhood documents, and in all fairness I thought I'd also post some of mine. I know you are all just dying to get inside the head of the 10 year old me. So for the next few days, while I recover and get acquainted with little Lucy, I shall post some of these old gems for you to enjoy!

Just a little background: I hated Joe Montana because my mother hated (and still hates) Joe Montana. He grew up in my hometown. He was a few years older than my mother and would torment her mercilessly.

When I was in elementary school our town wanted to throw him a big parade, but he wouldn't come unless our teeny little government would pay his appearance fee. Finally, after some bad press, he came because diet pepsi decided to sponsor the event. And they gave free cans of diet pepsi to all of the students at my school. Even the kindergarten kids. Nice.

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MonkeysMama said...

Celebrities *rolling eyes*

Arizaphale said...

ok, who the f*** is Joe Montana?
A million bucks to see new kids on the Block huh? Would have been good seats.
Lasagne? Mmmmmmmmmmm