Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Taking Aim

When I was in fifth grade, I begged my father to help organize a softball league. Some other girls my age were working on their dads as well, so by the summer time, we had enough coaches and 10 year old females for five teams. My dad ended up being the coach of my team, so I got to be the pitcher. The other pitcher was the other coach's daughter.

Throughout the course of three seasons, our team won only a single game. I won't say we won by default, but our opposition had only the bare minimum of players available. Our losses, in large part, we due to my poor skills as a pitcher. I walked in more runs than should be allowed by softball law. The other pitcher was only slightly better than I was, and the league never gained much popularity, so there wasn't any new 'talent' coming in. By the end of the third season, with a record of 1 and 35, I hung up my mitt.

I tell you all of this to set the mood for my present day story.

My car has been doing this funny thing. I have a computerized display, and for the last two weeks it has been locked on the 'travel time' display. Did you know that I've been driving my car for 90 hours and 47 minutes? I know that once I have this baby I'm not going to have the time (or the desire) to take my car to the dealership, so we scheduled the appointment for yesterday.

We dropped the car off in the morning, and after several hours, they called to inform us that a part would need to be ordered from Germany (damn VW). We could come pick the car up unless we wanted to leave it for a week. No car for a week is not an option, so SOB and I left Sam in the capable hands of super-sister-in-law (SSIL) Allison and headed out to retrieve my wagon.

On the ride home, SOB decided he was going to stop at the grocery store to pick up some dinner items so he called to ask me if I had any requests. I didn't, but I told him that I would ask SSIL when I got home and call him if she had any specific food demands. His phone was dying, though, and he didn't have his charger, he lamented. We were driving side by side at the moment, and as luck would have it, approaching a light that was just about to turn red. He pulled his car really close to mine and rolled down his window. I rolled down mine as well, and when we stopped he told me to throw my (fully charged) phone over to him so that I could call him at the store later. If I had taken more than a few seconds to think about it, I probably could have put the car in park and leaned over far enough to hand him my phone, but instead, I lobbed it, backhanded, with my left hand (I'm right handed) towards his open passenger side window.

Neither of us were surprised when it bounced off of the top of the window frame and fell to the pavement.

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Mrs. Chicken said...

is it wrong to admit that I laughed at this?

fitness said...

taking aim is vital to realize goals

super des said...

ha ha ha.
Did it get run over?

susan said...

LOL... all that build up and I never saw that coming! You crack me up!

Arizaphale said... happened next????

Amy Jo said...

Um, please laugh. I was so hysterical that I almost peed in my car.

Luckily, the phone survived mostly unscathed. When it clattered to the ground, the battery fell off and went under his car. Since the light had literally just turned red, he had enough time to get out and collect up all the pieces.

During the rest of the drive, every time we passes/stopped near each other, we just started cracking up.