Monday, September 10, 2007

My Best Shot Monday: Girl's Night Out

Last week, some of my sweet Atlanta friends took me out for a last hurrah! Including the lovely High Heeled Mama. I only took 4 pics the whole night, but I really liked this one of a half consumed glass of sangria.

And I couldn't resist including on of the babes, either!

Click Picture This for all of the best shots!

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Maya said...

That drink looks yummy! And the kids cuddling are so cute!

Christina said...

Yay for MNO! And yay for sweet siblings. Good luck on the move!

Bunny said...

I LOVE a half-drunk glass of sangria, I only love an entirely drunk glass more! And those babies...smooshy, sweet and delicious.

Arizaphale said...

Yes, the half drunk glass and the breast feeding to come....I always found she slept better though :-D