Saturday, September 15, 2007

So Here's My Theory

So some say that crows are bad omens, but since ours was DOA, perhaps the opposite is true. Here he (or she) is, dead at our doorstep.

Here it is, close up. Don't worry. It's not too gross.

The thing is, so far, we've had an abundance of good luck. The movers came with our stuff a day early. We've made tons of progress with the unpacking. Sam has been a little angel and Lucy has been sleeping like a lamb. Some great friends came to visit today. I took a bath in the awesome tub.

And then I saw this!

I keep waiting. Things are either going to go south, or keep being totally awesome.

I'm voting for awesome.

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Arizaphale said...

Isn't it wild to find yourself mentioned on another blog? I am still new at the game and it still gives me a hell of a kick. My family think I am pathetic. Its ok for them, they have lives............

So how was the bath??? huh? Huh? As good as you imagined? With continuing drought here we, as a Nation, are going to have to rethink luxurious baths as a form of entertainment.

Can't wait to see more pix of the house. Are you back in Philly? I missed that part. Re the vote: it's all good I say.

Fidget said...

that tub is particularly awesome.

I think your good luck knocked that crow on it's tail feathers.

Amy Jo said...

And? My new bed is getting delivered tomorrow! Way ahead of schedule! Hooray!

The tub? Was awesome.