Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Wherein the Creatures in This House Plot My Downfall

For the past two nights, Lucy has refused to sleep in her bed. The same exact bed she snoozes away in peacefully all throughout the day. Nope, once the sun goes down, it's in the arms or nothing.

It is killing me.

I finally gave up and came downstairs at 5:45am, leaving her in SOB's capable arms. Seconds after I sat down on one of the inflatable chairs, the cat sauntered over and puked on my laptop bag.

And Sam, just this instant, started howling.

And I haven't even mentioned the ants. The millions and millions of ants. Who have apparently been dining on the millions and millions of fruity cheerios that were hidden under my furniture. And are now pissed because their food supply has been sucked up by my hoover and disposed of.

Is it Friday yet?

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Anna said...

This too will pass--does that help?

We've all been there, seriously, even with the ants. I feel for you!

Lora said...

I have ants and O's and puke and stuff too. But only one baby. You win

Amy Jo said...

When we went to the doctor's this morning, he dared to utter the 'c' word to me. Colic. Fuck him!

Arizaphale said...

Infacol!!!! It saved my sanity. It's probably called something else there. The first time I gave her some, she squirmed, emitted a fart which would power a jumbo jet and settled back down with a smile reminiscent of a drunk on the floor of the bar clutching a whisky bottle. Great stuff.
Oh, on the night time sleep thing I will just say 3 words for you 'conditions for sleep'. They are different in the day and the night even in the same bed. Have you tried leaving a light on to make it more like daytime? Anyway, there's no way you're going to get anything sorted before you move. Good luck. Thinking of you.

Amanda said...

I've so been there, done that. The ants, the puking cat, the child who won't sleep. I'm SOOO sorry.

Good news: if you don't have any more, this will end eventually. Or, you could forget how hard it was by the time your youngest is sleeping well and decide to do it all over again.

And, your cat could have bowel issues instead of just a hair ball. (Been there, done that, too.)