Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Bala Chainsaw Massacre

For the past three days, men have been at my house removing the 80+ year old Norway maple in our backyard. Unfortunately, the lifespan of these trees is usually in the 60-70 year range, and all of the experts we consulted with said it should come down. As opposed to letting nature take its course and having it crush our house, along with two of our neighbors' houses. While the cost of removing the tree is high, it's not as high as buying three new houses.

Anyway, the removal of this tree has involved almost near constant, intermittent chainsawing. Let me explain a little better. The chainsaw comes on, and stays on for about 5 minutes while large branches are being cut. Then the large branches fall to the ground with a terrifying thud. Then the chainsaw stops for about a minute until they begin cutting the next branch.

This constant yet intermittent noise has made it all but impossible for Sam to sleep. He's cackling away up in his bed right now. And it is starting to make me lose my mind. It's all I hear. I close my eyes and see chainsaws everywhere. It's all very apropos for the Halloween season, but Christ I could use a break!

They should be finished cutting the tree down soon, but then we have hours upon hours of stump grinding to look forward to.

In unrelated news, Sam refused to participate in his school's Halloween parade today. Instead, he choose to sit in his stroller for the duration, dressed as a chicken. And Lucy? She slept through the entire thing.

There were so many great costumes, such as the teeny-tiny princess Leia, but my most favorite were the ones that broke barriers. Like this little girl dressed as Superman!

Or this little boy, dressed as a mama kangaroo!

A good time was had by all! Except for Sam in his stroller.

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Lora said...

i saw a boy mama kangaroo down in my hood too! what gives? loves it!

Amy Jo said...

They are so cute! There was also another little girl dressed up as Mr. Incredible, but I wasn't able to get a pic!