Tuesday, October 02, 2007


SOB came home on Saturday. Despite the fact that he's gone again, he was here for a glorious 36 hours.

All week, I envisioned our reunion. I got my hair cut and eyebrows (among other things) waxed. I went shopping for some lovely little snacks at our neighbors' bakery. I cleaned the house from top to bottom. In my head, I would be well dressed and well groomed, holding a freshly bathed Lucy while Sam stood next to me in a dapper little ensemble as SOB rolled up the driveway. The picture of domestic bliss.

But let me tell you what really happened.

We spent waaaaaaay too much time with good friends at the bakery, lingering over conversation and cakes. In my haste to get some grocery/target shopping done before SOB's arrival, I neglected to check Lucy's diaper. Which was apparently nearing capacity. During our shopping excursion, she was snugly buckled into her car seat and snapped into the stroller. Oh, graco travel system, how we love thee. You make it so easy. The baby fell asleep the second we put here in there, and stayed asleep the entire three hours we were out. And that's why I 'forgot' to change her diaper. I managed to not notice that she was sitting in a puddle of poo until we were transferring her back into the car from the stroller. The poo puddle was so sizable that it had soaked through the car seat and had begun dripping down into the stroller.

Once we got home I took her, still in the car seat, up to the tub. I knew that the process of getting her out of there and out of her clothes was going to be a messy one, so I took of my clothes and just threw on a ratty old t-shirt. I fished her from her poo puddle, stripped her down and hosed her off. Sam, wanting a bath of his own, came in and started shrieking. I managed to get Lucy back into a diaper just as Sam was ripping his off.

All of a sudden, I heard a voice. A man's voice. And so did Sammy. He tore off for the stairs with his tiny ass hanging out. I managed to get a hold of him before he dove down the steps, but just barely. With Lucy clad only in a diaper, me in a t-shirt and underpants, and Sam in his birthday suit, we trudged downstairs to greet SOB.

Not exactly the reunion I had in mind, but it was still as sweet as I had hoped it would be.

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super des said...

If he wasn't happy to see his naked family, nobody ever would be.

Mrs. Chicken said...

Sounds like perfection to me! :)

Arizaphale said...

Awwww...isn't it always the way. Think about it though...you could all have been covered in poo....so good result really.

Anonymous said...

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