Monday, October 29, 2007

Household Hints: Party Edition

We had a big party this past weekend. It was a Halloween House Warming Extravaganza! Complete with Sam dressed in his chicken costume. AND! A picture of Sam dressed in his chicken costume in the background. If that isn't some kind of meta shit, then I don't know what is. And it's quite possible that I don't. Anyway, just a little heads up for all of you who might be thinking about throwing a party in the future. If anyone asks if they can bring something, give them a specific item to bring. Otherwise, you'll get in roughly 17 cakes from the grocery store down the street from your house. Then you'll have to remember who gave you which cake as you're passing them out to people as they're leaving. I mean, you wouldn't want to offend someone by giving them the exact same spiderweb cheesecake they gave you upon entering.

Not that I'd know what that's like or anything.

Sam reveled in his chickenly glory all night. People kept giving him cupcakes, assuming that they were the only one doing so. I think, in all, that Sam had 7 cupcakes before he went to bed that night. Oh, and no real dinner to speak of. How is it that I have the only child in the world who won't touch a hot dog/chicken nugget/cheeseburger/insert child-friendly food here/grilled cheese/macaroni & cheese without a great deal of coercion? Unless he is in the presence of other children, that is. Then he gobbles up whatever you put in front of him. I'm just going to have to start inviting more people with kids over for dinner.

After all the cupcake/chicken suit madness, the poor boy woke yesterday with a horrible cold. The kind where he couldn't stop coughing all day, therefore he barely slept. And when he would try and eat, he kept coughing up his food, so he barely ate, either. And snot ran down his face faster than we could catch it. There were a lot of really gross moments in my day yesterday. I put him in a nice warm bath around 4:30 and then he fell asleep for the night at 5. He's feeling better, coughing less, and is generally less snotty today, although he is a little hoarse from all the hacking. Which is kind of adorable. Imagine incoherent baby babbling, but having it sound like it was coming from the mouth of a 2-pack a day smoker. It's kind of like that, but cute.

Well, that was our weekend! What did you do?

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susiej said...

What an awesome party. That poor chicken!!

maile said...

looks like a great party!

super des said...

I am having a party in a coupla weeks, but I think people will just be bringing liquor. That's the kind of crowd I run with, and no kids! Plus That's easy to pawn off on people ;)

Lora said...

I'm sorry I was no call no show. I knew I had a party later that night, but it turns out it was actually that day, and we had to go because no one was going to go and we felt bad that someone would walk into a surprise party for themselves and it would just be mom, grandma, and sis there to surprise the bday boy. who's 30, btw. there was no getting jake back from the in-laws, but turns out he had a case of the shits and with me suffering from the strep i didn't want to cause any trouble at your casa. love to you and the babies and let's meet up soon. i'm dying to bite your children.