Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Peanut Butter Jelly Time

This afternoon in the car, I handed Sam half a PB&J on the way to Target. A few minutes into the trip I hear him in the back seat 'talking' to his grandparents. At the next red light, I turned around to find him with a slice of bread on each side of his head as though they were phones. And when he took his little hands away, they stayed stuck to his ears.

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Kris H. said...


Janet said...

awesome! isn't it also great when PB&J is something they like- so easy- no warming involved!

super des said...

And no picture?

ha ha ha ha

Arizaphale said...

Oh for a picture!!! I would not have known whether to laugh or cry!!!

the new girl said...

That. is friggin' funny!

I needed the laugh.

Aunt Neenee said...


This story has a familiar ring... One of your mom's favorite stories of when you were little was about one time when your troop of cousins came over. You took charge, as usual, in leading the creative play while your the grownups caroused outside.

When one of the braver of them went in to "check on the kids" they found all of you hopping around like bunnies, complete with bunny "ears." You'd passed out two maxi-pads a piece to each child. Generously, you even taped two pads to the baby's cheeks so that she wouldn't feel "left out."