Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I Don't Love Him That Much

SOB was on call Sunday night, and subsequently spent the whole night wide awake. He came home yesterday morning and went straight to sleep. After six hours or so, I went to wake him with a big ole' piping hot cup of coffee. I had also poured a small cup for myself, and fixed it all up just the way I like it. When I came into the room, SOB asked for some water, so I set the cups down on the nightstand. As I came out of the bathroom with his requested beverage, I saw that he was just starting to drink from my coffee cup. I quickly informed him that he was drinking my coffee, but he already had half of the mug's content in his mouth. He looked at me, made a weird face, and then spat the coffee back into the mug.

He didn't understand why I poured it down the sink. Men.

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super des said...

ha ha ha gross.

Suzanne said...

The sad part is that I would probably drink it.