Thursday, November 22, 2007

Lucy: Month Three

Dear Lady Bug -

Three months marks the official end of your newborn days, and your entry into infancy. Even though you are still so small, you seem so big. You're probably closing in on 14 pounds, if you haven't surpassed it already. Your belly is round and perfect for tickling, and you've started to develop the patented 'mama's milk thunder thighs' we all love so much.

The best part about this month was how much more interactive you became. You actually kind of play with things now. It used to be that if you were awake, you wanted to be held, but now you'll play contentedly in the gymni for half an hour, your little arms and legs waving wildly. When you smack into anything that makes noise, you look so pleased with yourself!

You love to play the funny face game now. I just sit you on my lap facing me and drink in your silent laughter as I twist my grin a thousand different ways. And you finally started smiling at your daddy. He was really starting to get a complex. You always smile at your big brother. He can do no wrong in your book, although mama doesn't always agree.

Those eyes of yours are so bright, and it looks like they might take on the same shade of blue Sam's are. How a green eyed mother and a brown eyed father managed to have two blue eyed children is beyond me.

I think I mentioned that you sleep through the night, which makes me love you so much more than I loved your brother at this age. It's evil to say that, but my life is soooooo much easier when I get 7 consecutive hours of sleep most nights. Thanks for that, Goosie.

You really are a doll. Every day I thank my lucky stars for such a sweet little girl. And I know it's only going get better. At least, until you're 12 or 13.

Love, Mama

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Dana said...


I saw that you shared some similar interests as me, and thought you would be interested in my blog dedicated to women's health and fitness.

Anyway, I hope to see you reading soon!

Happy Thanksgiving!

- Dana

Mrs. Chicken said...

She is fantastic. What a beauty. Such blessings for you!

Arizaphale said...

Errrrrr have you checked any of the posts of mothers with two year old daughters lately??? I don't want to piddle on your wiener roast but two is fun, fun, fun!! Twelve and thirteen? I'll let you know. Today we had the 'why you must never get a tattoo' discussion. I went for the 'you'll get AIDS from the needle' angle...I'm not proud.....Her response? "But Mum, I want to LIVE!! "(apparently that involves getting a tattoo unlike me who has apparently never lived hmmm)
But back to Lucy. She is a beauty alright! A great series of shots, her character shines through. Such a smiley girl.

Jessica said...

She is beautiful. What a lovely update.

fidget said...

*claps* she is such a love of a little girl! Do you think she gives tutorials on sleeping? Levi is 10 months old and still up all.night.long.

Marketing Mommy said...

She's beautiful! (I've got a lovely little 4 month old babe myself, so that's saying something.)