Saturday, November 10, 2007

No Movie for Old Men (Or Women)

We actually got our asses out of the house this weekend and went to the movies. TWICE! Can you believe it? Last night we went to see No Country for Old Men, which was phenomenal. Then today we went to see Darjeeling Limited. Both excellent flicks from excellent film makers.

Seated directly behind us during Darjeeling Limited, was a couple with the combined age of 167. Approximately. Now I'm all for octogenarians getting out and about. And they were so sincerely still in love. They held hands throughout the entire film. But they also talked throughout the entire film, too. The commentary started during the opening scene, when the missus wondered aloud if they were in the right theater. Then in the middle, she chastised her husband for falling asleep because he couldn't listen to her if he was snoozing. It finally ceased during the credits, after she proclaimed of Owen Wilson, 'He was that young man from the Wedding Smashers movie.'

I hope that when SOB and I are in our eighties, we still go out to the movies. I just hope that we realize that even though we may not be able to hear each other, everyone else can.

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1 comment:

Arizaphale said...

Age is a terrible thing you know. Still, at least they didn't snore!
So how was the movie again?