Saturday, December 01, 2007

Going Gold

Every year I vow to drag the artificial tree from it's hiding spot in the basement on the day after Thanksgiving. The last three years, I've been lucky to have it up and decorated by December 15th. And then it stands in front of our living room window until January 31st, except for the year I gave birth to Dawson, when I finally took it down on Valentine's Day.

I used to love decorating the tree, digging out my very favorite and most special ornaments. The unwrapping of each one from it's secure tissue paper or bubble wrapping was so exciting, and it was sure to put me into good holiday spirit.

Lately, I've been procrastinating with the holiday decor. So far, I've managed to put up my Nativity and that's only because I remembered that Advent begins tomorrow, December 2nd.

I haven't even found my Advent wreath yet, it's most likely buried under the faux evergreen swags my mother gave me, but I can't remember which of the seven Rubbermaid totes I put them in. And when I was searching for purple and pink candles for the wreath, I was a little upset to discover that not Michael's nor Walmart carries any, and it's too late to shop online and receive them on time.

But what really irks me about holiday decorating is trying to come up with a color scheme I haven't done before. For as long as I can remember I've always adorned my tree in red, white and blue ornaments, beads and garland.

This year I decided to try something new. I thought of trying red, white and gold or blue, white and silver -- you know, so I could use a few of the existing colors in my stock of Christmas decorations.

I've spent a week trying to decide which would look better and I like them both so much. I consulted the hubs and he said, "I don't really care, you're the one decorating! You decide!"

Finally I asked my 3-year-old for his highly coveted opinion.

"Dawson, should mommy use silver or gold for the Christmas tree?" I asked.

"What, Mumma?" he asked.

"Silver or Gold buddy? Which one?"

"Raisins, Mumma!" he said.

"What? Raisins?" I asked.

"Uh huh, da raisins box is gold!" he exclaimed.

He had pointed to the Sunmaid raisins on the kitchen counter, it's red box with a golden sunset and the lady gathering grapes on the front. Golden raisins.

"Huh," I said. "Red and gold it is."

Who knew a box of raisins would provide decorating inspiration?


Dana writes about her life at her personal blog The Dana Files. She resides in Packer Country (Wisconsin) with her husband (Doug), three-year-old son (Dawson), and boston terrier(Murphy). You can find Amy Jo at Dana's place today. This post is part of the December blog exchange, in which the theme is "Silver or Gold". If you'd like to participate in the first blog exchange of 2008, click here for details.

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soccer mom in denial said...

One of my sons picked out a red pair of shoes for me in a store years ago. They are still my favorites.

I think little men have excellent tastes!

Julie Pippert said...

LOL that's great...inspired by a raisin box! What a great story for always, whenever you look back at photos from this year.

We have a mish mash, no theme, and it's little things added each year. This year my nearly 3 year old wanted a popcorn and cranberry garland. And so? One more strand of garland for the tree, to go with all the other different sorts, LOL.

Using My Words

Heather said...

I love it. What inspiration.

Jenn said...

lol - now that's a great way to go about things! I'm going to have to start using kid and kitchen inspiration

Dana J. Tuszke said...

SMID, I've always wanted red shoes, but I fear they are too bold for me. I'm afraid I'll draw too much attention to myself!

Julie Pippert, I still laugh when I think about it. Then my husband suggest we string up the little raisin boxes and hang them on the tree.

Thanks, Heather! :)

Jenn, it's fun to think of other color combinations from food boxes!

Arizaphale said...

This post confused me completely to begin with!! once I'd read the PS and been over to Dana's place I felt a lot better!
Nice to hear about your interactive Christmas Dana (as it should be ) and nice to find out SOB's real name over at Dana's!!!!( and I thought it stood for....)