Tuesday, February 12, 2008


My brother and his fiancee are in the midst of a horrible break-up, and it's all that I can think about lately. Maybe that's why it's been The Lucy Show around here lately. I mean, who can argue against a cute baby when faced with the alternative of sad-saddy-sadness.

Dan and Raney have been together for almost six years now. When they met they were very young, both in age and maturity. But they've grown a lot together. Most of their friends are now married, and some are even reproducing, so in the fall Dan decided to was time for them to 'settle down' as well. He bought a ring. For two months he kept that ring in his pocket waiting for the perfect moment. Finally, on Christmas day, it came. She said yes, but while he was on the phone calling me and our parents and everyone else to share the great news, she watched TV. She never told her family or friends.

She went to work, and when a male co-worker heard the news he decided that he had to confess his true feelings to her before it was too late. Unfortunately, his romantic overtures get inside her head, and possibly inside her heart a little and she started wondering what she was doing getting married. That night she went to my brother with her questions and doubts.

For over a month she's kept him hanging on, always dangling the possibility of a reconciliation just out of reach. Saying she'll come home after work to talk, but ending up at the bar instead. Usually with That Guy. It's been tearing him apart, piece by tiny piece.

Last night he left. Hopefully for good. Our uncle, his godfather, lives nearby, so he's going to stay there for a few weeks. My folks are flying him up to Pittsburgh for Sam's birthday and hopefully he'll use the time (and computer) to figure out where he's going to live.

It's so hard being far away from him as he goes through this. All I want to do is take him out for a few drinks and let him lay his sorrows on my shoulders, even if just for a few minutes. I'll have to settle for being avaliable day or night for phone sessions, and maybe for sending some positive vibes his way.

I love you, Dan.

There. That's a good start.

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Anonymous said...

Awwww Poor Danny! He will be fine now he can live and work where he wants at least!


Arizaphale said...

Aw crap. Why'd she bother saying yes???