Friday, February 08, 2008

The Princess and the Poo

In the last few weeks Lucy has started eating solids in earnest. Once she realized that if she opened her mouth I would put food in there, she was quite the willing baby at meal time. So far, she's had the pleasure of sampling rice cereal, pears, sweet potatoes and now peas. At first, the addition of semi-solid food didn't seem to have much effect on her tiny heiney, i.e. her digestive tract. The cereal and pears had almost no effect on the number of 'kuh-key' diapers, as Sam likes to call them, she was producing or the actual amount of 'kuh-key' produced.

The sweet potatoes? Now that's another story.

Ever since they've been put on the menu, we've been having what I like to call micro-poops. The little dear will poop every hour, but only an eensey-weensey bit. As in, a pea sized amount. However, this poo is of a remarkably different consistency than we're used to seeing. It's a bit more like real poo.

And this upsets her.

Even though she has no trace of a rash, the instant the micro-poop happens she starts fussing, which escalates quickly to wailing. The trouble is, the poo is so incredibly small that half the time I can barely even detect it by scent. She's been waking up all hours of the night with a microscopic poo and requiring, no, demanding a diaper change. So we just change her every time she makes a peep.

I've gone through almost a case of diapers this week.

So I ask you, dear internets, has this ever happened to you? If so, did it resolve on its own, or did you so something to help it along? I've obviously called it quits on the sweet potatoes, so I'm hoping that does the trick. But I'd love to hear what you all have to say about it. I'm going slowly insane from both the diaper expenditure and the loss of sleep!

My precious little super pooper

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Lora said...

maybe she is like me, allergic to orange and red veggies. They effect the comfort level of my butt hole on levels one cannot comprehend.

The Swiss Miss said...

No poo advice but had to comment on how cute she is. : )

susan said...

No advice for this, but maybe it will translate into super easy/early potty training for you. Just a little something to maybe help you think positively during the eleventy-millionth 2am diaper change...

Arizaphale said...

I'm with Susan. I think she is just exceptionally clean and sensitive :-)

Anonymous said...

My kids both poo more with anything orange.. they are older now, 2 and 4 (mandarin oranges aren't a fun poo situation)
If her poo is like real poo, solid, then I'd just dump it out in the toilet and put the same diaper back on assuming that its not wet and dirty(which is nice to do when they are older also, but before tossing them in the trash - you don't have to smell it) . Otherwise i'd lay off the orange stuff just a little